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Product Description
The X6818 development board consists of the stamp hole core board, base plate and LCD panel. The core board is designed using the 8-layer plate process to ensure stability and reliability, and can be used in a lot fields such as tablet PC, car engine, learning machine, POS machine, game machine and industry monitoring in batches. The base plate reserves abundant peripherals and can demonstrate almost all the functions of 6818 chip. The 7-inch TFT LCD is adopted by default and supports RGB, and any MIPI interface can be selected. The X6818 development board reserves an infrared integrated receiving head. Plus the free TV play software such as TogicVideo, it is a quad-core TV set top box with excellent performance and can completely replace the cable TV at home and the set top box bought from the market.
Chip Comparison
Chip S5P6818 is pin to pin compatible with S5P4418. The table below lists differences between S5P4418 and S5P6818:
Time to marketOctober 20142014
Technology process28nm28nm
CPU clock speed1.4G1.4G+
Package dimensions0.65mm pin spacing, 17*17mm2 513-FCBGA package0.65mm pin spacing, 17*17mm2 513-FCBGA package
CPU architectureCortex-A9 quad-coreCortex-A53 octa-core
Cache capacity32KB*4 I/D cache, 1MB L2 cache32KB*4 I/D cache, 1MB L2 cache
DDR3 interfaceSingle-channel 32-bit data bus, with the operating frequency as high as 800MHzSingle-channel 32-bit data bus, with the operating frequency as high as 800MHz
Multimedia decodingH.263, H.264, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1, VP8, Theora, AVS, RV8/9/10, MJPEG (almost all the formats)H.263, H.264, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, VC1, VP8, Theora, AVS, RV8/9/10, MJPEG (almost all the formats)
Multimedia codingH.263, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEGH.263, H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG
Display interfaceRGB, MIPI, LVDSRGB, MIPI, LVDS
Maximum display resolution2048*12802048*1280
Ethernet InterfaceTo be extended through the address busIntegrated Gigabit Ethernet controller
GPIO level3.3V3.3V
ADC8-channel 12 bit 0~1.8V8-channel 12 bit 0~1.8V
USB interface1-channel HOST, 1-channel HSIC, 1-channel OTG1-channel HOST, 1-channel HSIC, 1-channel OTG
Chip IDSupporting the unique 128BIT IDSupporting the unique 128BIT ID
Hardware Resources
Introduction to Hardware Interfaces
[1]CPUS5P6818, ARM Cortex A53,8*1.4GHz
[2]MemoryDDR3, 1GBytes
[3]Storage8GB eMMC
[4]PMUPower management chip, AXP228
[5]Speaker interfaceExternal speaker output
[6]UART3Universal serial port 3, TTL level
[7]UART2Universal serial port 2, TTL level
[8]UART1Universal serial port 1, RS232 level
[9]UART0Debug serial port 0 (default debug port, RS232 level)
[10]HDMI interfaceHDMI output interface
[11]MIPI interfaceConnecting to the LCD screen of MIPI interface
[12]LVDS interfaceConnecting to the LCD screen of LVDS interface
[13]LCD/VGA interfaceRGB output interface
[14]Power outputPower output interface, 12V and 3.3V output
[15]SIM card interface3G and 4G communication module SIM card slot
[16]SD card, CH0SD card, using channel 0
[17]SD card, CH1SD card, using channel 1
[18]Soft on/off buttonPower-on/off and sleep wakeup button
[19]Button, backIndependent button, K1
[20]Button, volume reductionIndependent button, K2
[21]Button, volume increaseIndependent button, K3
[22]Button, menuIndependent button, K4
[23]BuzzerSupporting the active buzzer
[24]Hard reset buttonHard reset
[25]Battery interfaceSingle 4.2V lithium battery interface
[26]5V input jackDC power input port
[27]USB OTGUSB OTG interface
[28]UART4Universal serial port 4, TTL level
[29]USB HOST1HUB chip extension, HOST
[30]USB HOST2HUB chip extension, HOST
[31]USB HOST3HUB chip extension, HOST
[32]Gigabit Ethernet interfaceRT8211E interface
[33]GPIO interfaceSPI, UART and ADC device extension
[34]Camera interfaceStandard 24PIN parallel camera interface
[35]Camera interface26PIN MIPI CSI camera interface
[36]Earphone interfaceEarphone output
[37]PCI-E interfaceGeneral 3G and 4G module PCI-E interface
[38]Backup battery holder3V backup battery holder
[39]Infrared receiving headHS0038 infrared integrated receiving head
Software Resources
X6818 Development Board Driver Support List
7Inch RGB LCD(1024*600)
7Inch MIPI LCD(1024*600)
4.3Inch LCD(480*272)
LVDS Display(1366*768)
MIPI Display
PMIC Driver(AXP228)
Capacitive Touch
Resistive TouchNULL
EMMC Driver
SD Card Driver
Independent Key
Infrared Remote ControlNULL
Power ON/OFF
Sleep/Wake upNULL
Four Channels of USB HOST Driver
One Channel of USB OTG Driver
DVP Camera DriverNULL
Macro camera driverNULL
Dual Parallel Camera DriverNULL
USB Camera Driver
Dual USB Camera Driver
Serial Port
3G Module(3G dongle)NULLNULL
3G Module(PCIE Interface)NULLNULL
4G Module(PCIE Ineterace)NULLNULL
GPS Module
Gigabit Ethernet
USB Mouse and Keyboard
SD Card Offline Update Image
VGA Driver(SDA7123)
Core Board Introduction
Front view of the core board
Rear view of the core board
Feature Parameters
Stamp hole pattern
Core board size
Pin spacing
Pin pad dimensions
Number of pins
Number of board layers
Input voltage
3.7~5.5V (5V input recommended)
Output voltage
3.3V/4.2V (can be used for base plate power supply and battery charging)
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Development Files
Package Contains
X6818 Development Board(Including 7 Inch Capacitive LCD ,RGB interface by default,1024*600 Resolution)
5V DC Power Adapter(NOTE: It's a Chinese standard plug, a converter may be needed if your country's standard plug differs from China)
Micro USB Cable
Ethernet Cable
DB9 Serial Cable
Development Files(Please ask the seller to send the download link after you finish the payment)


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